I have had several lives of great accomplishment and depth, which have provided me with the knowledge, resources, experience and perspective to launch Perfect World Capital.

At this stage in my career, my personal objective is to utilize all of the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years in the international financial markets, to create opportunities, which can provide a hopeful, viable future for people of emerging economies. Of course, the end result would be sustainable consumption, production, housing, infrastructure, healthcare, wealth creation and democratization of capital to traditionally underserved markets and entrepreneurs around the world

The ability to provide innovative financial solutions to build businesses is where I believe I can add the most value in helping developing economies, and ultimately alleviate poverty.  I have a very creative approach and enjoy finding solutions to problems that are viable and achievable.  Many of the investments I’ve made for large institutions were the result of finding a solution to a need where we created structured credit solutions that are the essence of blended capital structures used to address the needs of differing investor profiles.

Perhaps the best way to describe myself is someone with a very curious mind who thrives on diversity and variety, a global citizen.  I have had several lives beginning with my extensive career in international asset management and investment banking.  I suppose my success enabled me to explore my second life as an art historian.  My third and current life is utilizing all of my previous education, experience and networks to make a positive and progressive impact on humanity.

I am both a British and American citizen that spent 16 years in London and 8 years in New York as an investment manager and banker working for globally recognized institutions including, Barclays Capital, MetLife Investments, Prudential Capital and the Bank of Scotland.

While with MetLife, I served on the European Investment Committee overseeing $10 billion of corporate and sovereign investments. I was also responsible for developing a portfolio of investments in power, telecom, transport and water infrastructure companies in pre-EU emerging Europe, primarily in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. This type of investment exposure lays the groundwork for developing economies.

Throughout my career in global investment management, I have developed extensive experience in sourcing, structuring, conducting due diligence, underwriting and managing investments with a variety of risk profiles and financial structures, which has provided me with the expertise to assess and make impact investments that produce both a risk adjusted financial return together with a social or environmental return.

The experience I’ve gained and relationships I’ve developed over the years have enabled me to establish Perfect World Capital, an impact investment management and advisory firm. In working to establish a multi-manager impact investment fund, as well as advising high-net-worth investors and family offices on impact investment strategy, I have acquired invaluable knowledge and connections throughout the social and impact investment space, which are the key to success in this rapidly developing sector.

For further detail on my background, please see my LinkedIn page (here).

Onward and upward!

Investing for social and environmental impact.